History of SavantEsport

Our team is created by CEO SUNLIGHT.
The main intention of the president is to create a sports team that is friends and siblings without the boss. Only trust each other

The president wanted to build a team to improve his skills and his teammates tried to work hard and train themselves all the time.

In the meantime The president has directed his own development and coordinated with other departments such as Hyper X to continue producing competitive quality individuals.

The president is famous for MOBA and FPS games.

The SavantEsport team has the informal abbreviation (SV) and the official abbreviation (SVE) .

SavantEsport has been established since December 17, 2019.

SavantEsport is incorporated and has entered real estate since 15 March 2020.

SavantEsport was also a recruiter team. And receive training of athletes from various camps

And in the latest event The chairman has told the whole story about the events that took place on the night of March 14, 2021 in his own live broadcast.

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